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Having the crowning glory full of hair is the dream of almost every male and female. But it would not be wrong to say “Hair today gone tomorrow”. Hair loss is the matter of prime concern for both male and female whether it is genetic, due to poor diet, stress, medical condition and bad hair care. With the advancement in technology and research, new treatments and techniques have revolutionized the medical field. Now it is possible to combat devastating malady hair loss with the latest and most advanced non surgical treatment Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). With its uniqueness and highly acceptance rate by sufferers as well as experienced surgeons, PRP would dominate the field of hair loss treatments in no time


Platelet Rich Plasma is separated from the blood that is very helpful in tissue regeneration and healing. This therapy entails three steps. First of all, around 60-100ml blood is extracted from the body of the patient. It is as simple as your routine blood test. Then the blood is centrifuged for separating red and white blood cells from platelets and the blood plasma creating a liquid known as PRP.

In the second stage, a controlled injury is created on the scalp after giving anesthesia block to the nerves of scalp. This signalizes the body to send plasma and platelets to the affected area in order to repair the injured cells. The wound healing process is activated by stimulating the scalp. With the invention of a micro needle roller named “Scalproller”, PRP treatment has been made painless and time saving for surgeons.

At the end of process, repairing cells (platelets) and plasma are re-injected into the scalp. Hair follicles and Stimulated cells are exposed to more healing cells that yield in growth of new hair. PRP is not merely effective in hair growth but it also contributes in hair thickening.

The process consumes one to three hours depending on the amount of hair loss and patient can continue his routine life activities without taking any medications after the therapy. The simple, non-surgical procedure, safe and reliable results, fast recovery and natural looking consequences make PRP one of the most effective hair loss treatments


Two types of PRP treatments have been given to the sufferers by the surgeons for the most effective and natural outcomes.

Simple PRP:One of simple PRP therapy in which separated plasma and platelets are injected into the scalp by using scalproller. The concentration of platelets is higher in PRP as compared to blood.
ACell +PRP:Combining ACell with PRP is more effective treatment that yields fruitful results by providing a continuous supply of growth factors to the thin hair follicles for months. This useful combination slows down the genetically induced hair loss. FDA approved protein matrix, ACell recruits the body’s growth factors and healing proteins when injected into the scalp. ACell and PRP is a hair evolution accelerator that does not only prevent hair loss but also regenerate hair.

We are also providing FUT Hair transplant and Beard transplant services for head and beard hair.